Think EQ

Zahier Shaik

Zahir has developed extensive practical experience over the past 20 years in areas of People Management, Leadership and Operational Management. He has a Master’s Degree in Philosophy Of Management Coaching from the University Of Stellenbosch Business School as well as a B-Com (Acc) Degree. He is also an Advanced Certified EQ Practitioner and Assessor with a global company called Six Seconds based in San Francisco USA.

He believes that emotions drive people; people drive performance which is why Emotional Intelligence is fundamental to Quality Of Life, Effectiveness, Relationship and Well Being. His strengths are making everyday life challenges, management and leadership theory practical, by using real life examples to illustrate impact and facilitate solutions. He strongly believes that working with people’s natural strengths to overcome areas of development, learning through participation and interactive discussion creates a sense of ownership, self-reflection, self-awareness and transformation.

Cell: 0812464135

Email: info@thinkeq.co.za

Website: www.thinkeq.co.za

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