Description of I Deserve Its steps

The Teach A Man To Fish Campaign

The country has reached 50% unemployment, due to COVID 19. We require an urgent intervention to reduce unemployment and decrease social and economic ills.

Entrepreneurship has become a critical factor and need, to create and maintain sustainable communities. At I Deserve It, our desire to extend our services to communities at large and implement skills and mentorship programs, but we need your help.

With a donation of R100 or R200p/m, we will be able to upskill 30-50 ladies a month with our core services that we feel create a successful small business:

  1. Skills – Teach them a short term skill that will result in a quick turn around time in income.
  2. Mentorship Programme – How to run a business, finance, marketing, basic business structures, etc. We also focus on scaling the business into compliancy and creating employment.
  3. Access to Markets – Learn how to sell your products, direct and online.
  4. Life Coaching – Personal development, values and goal setting. We also will be assisting ladies to work through pressures of life thereby bringing the best out of them.

Our target is to reach 1000 people for monthly donations to launch the program and expand the programme thereafter. We humbly appeal to you and the community at large to please support us in our initiative in creating more jobs which can become sustainable over time.

How can I support the Teach A Man To Fish Campaign?

For more information on how you can support this initiative, please mail or contact the I Deserve It office. You can also sign up online and we will contact you.