Sunflower Community Outreach

Sunflower Community Outreach is a NPO located in Athlone. They are a non profit that distributes lunch/supper on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesdays and Thursdays they distribute breakfast meals to underprivileged seniors and children.


Faika Arendse said,” We at Sunflower Community Outreach have envisioned going above and beyond by starting to help kids with homework, projects, reading and writing, we would also like to do things for our seniors on a monthly basis like spoiling them with a beach day or a day at the gardens. My husband and I use to make big pots of food for functions like weddings and funerals, after doing doing this for several months and in several areas we realized that many people in Cape Town required a plate of food at least once a day. After this realization we began getting in donations in and around the area and we began making pots of food for areas that we felt needed it the most.”


Sunflower Community Outreach is in need of your help through donations of ingredients such as rice, potatoes, canned goods, vegetables, meat and beans. They also need porridge, bread, peanut butter, jam, milk, sugar, fruit and any other breakfast items for their breakfast meals.


You can contact them through: 

-Email: sunflowerfam19@gmail.com 

-Whatsapp: 072 880 2355 

Social media: