Join our Photography course

Photography workshop 19-20 March


Brought to you by I Deserve it in conjunction with renowned ex SA Presidents Photographer: AK Adams

The aim of this workshops is to improve every enthusiastic photographer, from the novice to the very experienced, transforming their photography with simple techniques and clear creative principles.

As a wedding semi pro photographer you could earn from R5000-R25000 per month on weddings, parties and corporate functions.


The workshop will run for 10 weeks and would be divided logically into sections:

  • 10 week Photography interactive workshop
    Focus Sharpness; Image focus
    Ground glass focus and split screen focus.
  • General use of camera.
    Manual mode and automatic mode, programme mode, shutter mode and aperture mode.
  • Flash and None flash Photography;
    Remote slave units and remote umbrella flash.
  • Portraits.
  • Composition Lighting (shadows, reflection, red eye, glossy, skin, preflash, nature)
  • Macro photography (close up filters, color and UV filters)
  • Wedding:
    Composition, special effects, identifying the subject, format decision, line strength and more.
  • Sports photography;
    High speed free frame
    Aero plane, pigeon wings and waterfall in slow speed.
  • Photography with candle light. Baby photography and more.

Price of the course to be confirmed. Contact/WhatsApp us at 065 919 9097