Mawaddah Sofejan/Moses Feeding Scheme

Mawaddah Sofejan/Moses Feeding Scheme is located in Bontehuwel 102 Juniper Street. 

 Mawaddah said, “I cook for the community on a daily basis. I serve between 250 to 300 people. I started my feeding scheme because I saw a need for people within the community.. and I personally know what it is to have and I know what it is not to have that is why I started this, to give back to the most needy. I am a mother of 3 and i feel that if a child has a meal to eat their entire day will be well. My goal is to provide a meal twice a day, everyday, mostly to the elderly and kids. I also provide a few households with food parcels, vegetables, etc. I would like my kitchen to be able to provide for many more years ahead if Allah wills it.”

Mawaddah Feeding Scheme is looking for cash assistance or voluntary assistance at the feeding scheme.


If you would like to help out this feeding scheme please contact Mawaddah on 061 009 1046, or email them at bismillahfoundation0786@gmail.com. Helping the Bontehuwel community.