Beginner Course Based Over 12 weeks/3 months

Week 1

Hygiene & Covid-19 Protocols:

– Disinfect your workstations before and after each client 

– Have a cleaning procedure for products and items

– The therapist must also wear a face shield that must be cleaned after servicing every client

– Cleaning with soap and water can remove impurities, germs and dirt on surfaces before disinfecting


Week 2

Footcare for the elderly:

– Look for signs of infections 

– Discolored nails, blisters and cracked skin

– Toenail disorder, toe deformities , corns, calluses, bunions and fungal infections


Week 3

Functions of Nails:

– Nail bed, nail plate , free edge, nail grooves, matrix, cuticle, nail walls

– Nail disorders 


Week 4

Practical Foot Care Treatments:

– Sterilize the clients feet 

– Exfoliate one foot up till the ankle at a time, pat dry and leave in towel

– Cute, file and trim toe nails

– Push back cuticles 

– Treat the hard skin by filing loose, dry skin and cracked heels

– Wipe feet with wipes

– Buff shine the toenails


Week 5 

Theory Exam


Week 6 

Practical Exam: (clients)


Week 7 

Field Training: (Old Age Home)


Week 8 

Field Training: Old Age Home)


Week 9 

Client Day For The Elderly 


Week 10

Business Management, Marketing Strategies & Pricing 


Week 11

Communications  & Administration


Week 12

Introduction to Advanced Foot Care & Tools Used 

– Horn Nails 

– Ingrown Toenails 

– Fungus 

– Black Toe Nails

– Athletes Foot

– Bunions