teach A Man To Fish Initiative

Let's Make a Difference Together

I DESERVE IT , through Teach A Man To Fish Initiative, will embark on a journey to change South Africa’s no.1 enemy ‘unemployment’.

 Consider at least one person or family who is trying to make ends meet and living hand to mouth, unsure of where their next meal will come from or unable to pay their child’s school fees.

Our objective is to use Education, Enrichment and Empowerment to reduce Unemployment, Poverty and Inequality.
Many individuals in South Africa are victims of circumstance who, if given the opportunity, would devote themselves to making a better life for them and their families. However, begging for help is not a long-term solution, and the sad reality is it has become a way of life some.

With your monthly donations, we will be able to upskill 30-50 individuals a year with our core services that we feel creates a successful small business:

  1. Skills – Teach them a short term skill that will result in a quick turn around time in income.
  2. Mentorship Programme – How to run a business, finance, marketing, basic business structures, etc. We also focus on scaling the business into compliancy and creating employment.
  3. Access to Markets – Learn how to sell your products, direct and online.
  4. Life Coaching – Personal development, values and goal setting. We also will be assisting ladies to work through pressures of life thereby bringing the best out of them

I Deserve It, with your help, can make a difference through this Teach A Man To Fish Campaign.

Bank Details

Bank: Nedbank

Account Name: I Deserve It

Branch: Kenilworth

Branch Code: 005037

Account Number: 1046987488

Reference: Campaign Code, Mobile Number (Codes provided below)


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