Active Courses


Sewing is seen as a reviving art but its actually a relaxing and rewarding skill to learn, as you are able to create your own masterpiece. Here at I Deserve It we teach you everything from learning your sewing machine, to creating your very own style, to learning how to formulate your own patterns. [Learn more]

Foot Care

Your feet can tell millions of stories about your overall health. Our feet serve as a foundation for our bodies. We are offering you an opportunity to learn how to get those perfect feet and transform this skill into a business where you can help others and achieve the same results. [Learn more]

Good skin is important because you’re constantly shedding skin cells everyday.  We offer the opportunity to learn good, quality skin care techniques to help achieve great skin. [Learn more]

Hair Care

Poor hair care due to lack of protein and too often combing and binding your hair can possibly lead to excessive hair loss. We’ll teach you everything you need to learn to keep your hair in tip top condition. [Learn more]