Access To Platforms

I Deserve It has always been a support platform for small home-based businesses, and this has remained a core practice within the organization. We have grown so much since our start out and not only provide a trade platform but develop the entrepreneurs themselves.

We offer 3 main types of support.

  • Markets – this is an opportunity for small businesses to trade and expand their reach.
  • Social platforms – social media has become part of everyone’s DNA, and it is important that small businesses know how to adapt to survive.
  • The HUB – Our incubation hub, which is mostly for our students, provides a space where they can practice their skills and trade at the same time. With I Deserve it having an already established reach our advertising channels clients to a central point, so our students are able to gain experience and the necessary exposure.

Seasonal Markets

We offer trade platforms in the form of markets, thats hosted seasonally and for big events. We have proven to increase our vendors awareness over the past few years and continue to strive towards providing excellent service for many more years to come. If you are a start up business or an entrepreneur and would like us to assist you in expanding your business further, contact us and we will surely assist you!

We believe in paving it forward for the community.

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