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I Deserve It is a self-funded NPC, founded by Amiena Pastor in 2010. We have been serving as a platform for start-up entrepreneurs for 11 years.

Our Vision

 I Deserve It is social enterprise and a non-profit organization.

Our passion and purpose are to uplift and empower the community through skills,  job creation and trade opportunities. I Deserve It is a powerful support platform doe start-ups or entry level business owners, as well as entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

 I Deserve It helps start-up, entry level, small business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business sustainably through long term partnerships.

From conception (Idea) to their customer.

To ensure company can provide tools, information, resources and networking to help assist and develop the growth of entrepreneur.

To grow an entrepreneur to the best that they can be, we ensure that each business is equipped with the information and resources it requires to build quality products.

Meet The Team


"Amiena founded IDI 10 years ago working tirelessly trying to improve the lives of those not only in her community but reaching out to those in need all over Cape Town. She aims to achieve this by empowering individuals through entrepreneurship."

Amiena Pastor

Research and developement

"Mishqah specializes in research of: Private business CSI - Government funding for small business owners - Small business support with registration"

Mishqah Salie

Research and Development
Digital marketing and web design

"- Founder of Pre-Emptive Solutions - Specializes in Digital Marketing, CMS Systems and Web Design"

Junaid Jakoet

Digital Marketing and Web Design
Digital marketing and web design

"- Specializes in Digital Marketing and Web Design - Performs general maintenance on our website"

Ismaaeel Abrahams

Digital Marketing and Web Design
Social media

"- Specializes in Social Media Marketing - Manages IDI social media platforms with informative info"

Azraa Kemp

Social media

"Zainab is your first point of contact when reaching out to IDI. She deals with the day to day running of IDI ensuring that everything goes smoothly. She also handles our event and market day bookings."

Zainab Saban