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The 6 Pillars of I DESERVE IT

Skills Developement

At the I Deserve It centre we offer practical skills developement workshops for those who would like to learn a new skill.
We have partnered with skilled professionals who are willing to share their talents and skills with you!
Our short course portfolio currently includes sewing and pattern making, craft making, photography, floristry, jewelry making and many more.


Dont be afraid to ask for help!
Having a mentor is invaluable as a sounding board while you are growing your business.
Our mentors will teach you about specific issues, coach you in a skill, share our resources and networks, challenge you to be your best self and always focus on your self developement

Trading Platforms

As a small business owner, there is no better way to get to know your customers than getting to know them face - to - face.
We offer trade platforms in the form of markets, thats hosted seasonally and for big events.

Life Coaching

Our Life Coaching programme is headed up by BYOUSELF.
BYOUSELF was created to build and support qualified life coaches. BYOUSELF has a space for coaches to develope their skills and also extend their personal developement.
Our life coaches will help you by examining what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles and challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to make your life be what you intended it to be.


" You cant pour from an empty cup: take care of yourself first - Tarryn West"
Our wellness partners will help you heal and take care of yourself the way nature intended, in the form of complete, natural holistic healing.

Charity and Upliftment

I Deserve It believes in making a difference to peoples lives.
We host a variety of charity drives, and have also partnered with other NGO's to extend a helping hand to the broader community.
We will call on you to help grow and support our causes; So many people need our help on a daily basis.


Events/Courses brought to you by I Deserve It


25 & 26 September 2018


Sewing Courses

Social Media Workshop

7 September 2019 & 15 September 2019


You wont want to miss this!


You wont want to miss this!


You wont want to miss this!

About Us

Everything you need to know of who we are, what we are and what we do

  • Who We Are

    I Deserve It is a social enterprise and a Non - Profit Organization.
    Our passion and purpose is to uplift and empower the community through skills, job creation and trade opportunity

  • What We Are

    I Deserve It is a powerful support platform for start - ups or entry level bussiness owners, as well as entrepreneurs.

  • What We Do

    I Deserve It helps start - up, entry level, small business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business sustainably through long term partnerships.
    From conception (Idea) and everything in between to their customer.

  • Why 6 Pillars?

    The 6 Pillars of I Deserve It are the main focus areas of any individual, business owner and entrepreneur. Each pillar is interlinked with the other and no business can thrive without any of these core pillars.
    At I Deserve It, we have partnered up with highly trained professionals who specialise in each pillar to help uplift and support you in growing a sustainable business.
    We are eager to hear and walk any challenges you may face along with you!

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Our Team

The backbones that make it all possible

Amiena Pastor

Lead Director

Razeena Hartley

Co - Director/Business Co - ordinator

Junaid Jakoet

Web Designer/Social Media Marketing

Imrah Dramat

Social Media Marketing

The I Deserve It team is here to support you!
Know that we know the challenges that comes with being an entrepreneur and owning a small bussiness.
Everyone needs a helping hand and we are a telephone call or email away!

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77 Rosmead Avenue, Kenilworth, Cape Town, South Africa
Office Hours: Mon - Thurs (8:30am - 3:30pm)

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065 919 909 7